Call for stories about loneliness

Call for short stories and novelettes about loneliness.

Seeking good writing in any genre.

Please email your story as a word or text document or in the body of an email to [email protected] MS Word, RTF, or Text.

I’ll read stories of any length. Longer stories, novellas and novels will be serialized over several issues. I’ll publish whenever I have a good issue to publish.

I like well-written stories, of course, with good plots and characters goes a long way with me. There can be sex and sexuality between consenting adults (human or humanoid) in your story, but if it’s a lot of sex, I might ask to transfer your story to Erotique, our sister publication.

At the moment, I’m the only editor, so here’s what I would not like to have submitted and won’t publish:

Anything that will get me sued, arrested, or lynched. I’m pretty sure you realize that that means anything illegal, plagiarized, hateful, or scarier than even I can deal with. Also, song titles are okay, but no song lyrics. The RIAA has gone insane, better to stay out of their way at all times. As editor, I handle the blowback, so I make the final call on what I feel I can legally, morally, and have the guts to, publish. Oh, and no furries, thank you. I’m sure you understand.

There’s no money, but you do get a copy of the issue and discounted extra copies. You also keep all your rights to your work. I only have permission to publish on a story by story basis.

I look forward to reading your stories. Send ’em on in!

Ginger Mayerson
Editor, Storylandia, The Wapshott Journal of Fiction

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