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Congratuations to Paullette Gaudet

Congratuations to Paullette Gaudet (Storylandia Issue 5 and Issue 6 and in the upcoming Erotique 4) on her new story in Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #9 (her name should be on the cover, but isn’t. Never fear, her story, “The Hereafter Party,” is in there). The issue is available in print and ebook formats.

Storylandia 8 on Kindle pre-publication

Now on Sale:
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Storylandia 8: Dr. Hackenbush Gets Some Culture on Kindle. Free to borrow for Amazon Prime members. Reviews very welcome.

Storylandia 7 now on Kindle!

Storylandia 7 on Kindle. And if you have Amazon Prime and a Kindle, you can borrow it through the super special exclusive Kindle program it will be on for 90 days.

Congratulations Paullette!

Congratulations to Storylandia author Paullette Gaudet for her essay, Academic Barbie being choosen the featured essay at Intellectual Refuge on May 18, 2012.

Now on Sale! Storylandia, Issue 6, Spring 2012

Storylandia, Issue 6, Winter 2012
The Wapshott Journal of Fiction
Paullette Gaudet, The Deepest Crease Visible; T Sheehan, Amie and Sherry and the Twilight Diner; V. Ulea, Expecting a Star; JJ Steinfeld, The Furtive Men Play the Wretched Bar; Dustin Grayson, Best Head Ever; Chris Castle, Mall in Rainbows; cover by Magda Audifred
Where to buy: 10% off with this code: HDCYF4CR at this online store; Amazon, eligible for free shipping; Kindle ebook format only until July 20, 2012.

Expecting a Star, by V. Ulea

The Wapshott Journal of Fiction
Issue 6, Winter 2012

Paullette Gaudet
The Deepest Crease Visible

We were driving back to the city from Indio after the Coachella concert, and Mark, my best friend and roommate, was asking his usual road-trip questions. They had advanced over the years from things like “Would you rather be burned to death, or suffocate?” or “You and boyfriend Quentin Tarantino seek a third, available weekends—who responds to your ad?” to ones like “Would you be willing to live without love, if it meant you could own a house outright?” Mark had adjusted his questions recently to accommodate my increasing retreat from whimsy, I think—his more absurd proposals were now reserved for new acquaintances, and when I overheard them they made me sad for a time when I was younger, and drunker, and still thought I would someday meet Quentin Tarantino. Mark couldn’t, even for me, make his questions completely dull, so it didn’t surprise me when he asked, “Would you ever date a midget?”

Tom Sheehan
Amie and Sherry and the Twilight Diner

On the morning of her 25th birthday, on a July day, Amie Lightstreet walked into the Twilight Diner, just off Exit 185, US 80 eastbound, in Pennsylvania. She went immediately to a table in the far corner, the last empty booth in the diner just before a couple came in the door. The waitress hurried over with a menu and said, “Coffee, Hon?”

V. Ulea
Expecting a Star

She was expecting a baby.
“What are you having?” he wondered, watching the sunset.
“I think it’s going to be a star,” she said quietly, answering his thoughts.
He only smiled, caressing her head. She still looked like a girl—slim and lithe, her shoulders buried in a golden waterfall of hair.
Last time she gave birth to a wave. Emerald green—just like the color of her eyes—and it added music to the ocean.
“The ocean is silent on the inside and sounding on the outside,” she had said. “It needs music…” She had not known she was pregnant with the wave.

J. J. Steinfeld
The Furtive Men Perform Nightly at the Wretched Street Bar

I still can’t get that writer woman out of my mind. It’s been almost a year since we were last together, since she disappeared, but I’m not worried about her. I know that wherever in the world she is, that woman knows exactly what she’s doing. It took me a long time to understand why she came to the stinking little bar I work at, but I sure found out. She called it the Wretched Street Bar and I liked that name a hell of a lot more than the Lilac Avenue Lounge, which it’s been called for longer than anyone I know can remember. She also gave the house band a great name: The Furtive Men. I’d like to see that writer woman again, but that’s impossible, as impossible as me ever quitting this place I work at and getting a regular daytime job.

Dustin Grayson
Best Head Ever

Brian Hughes did not like to make an entrance. Attention made him sweat. His pink skin would blanch and turn the sour color of buttermilk. He was a teenager, looked exactly like one, and was nothing short of ordinary. He walked into St. Pius the same time as Paul, and while he had both hands open, no one shook, clapped, or embraced them. The only classmates who knew him were Paul and Katie Lee Marcovich, the girl he has loved ever since preschool.

Chris Castle
The Mall in Rainbows

Henry Crowe walked back to the mall and fished the keys out of his pocket. He’d decided and then un-decided about ten times over. As he pulled the keys out of his pocket and jammed them in with a deep breath. He closed the door behind him without another thought.
The mall itself kept a certain amount of lights on overnight. As he stepped onto the ground floor the place was streaked in great, thick shadows; shops were visible but barely recognizable. The fast food places looked oddly beautiful and mysterious; the exclusive clothes shops seemed cheap and hokey. Henry stepped over to the fountain and dipped his fingers under the water, something that during the day he was forbidden to do. He looked down into the water and saw the coins shimmering back up at him. On his lunch break he counted them in sections; one half was tallied and one half remained.
He stepped onto the escalator and adjusted to the strange sensation of it not moving. His body wavered and he laughed, forcing one foot up and then the next, thinking; this is what it must feel like for a spaceman on the moon. The sound his feet made were not heavy and clunky as he imagined but lighter, like a football hitting a post. The sound reverberated across the whole spread of the building and as he reached the top level he was surprised to find he was out of breath. His thirties kept finding ways to keep him on his toes; sometimes it made him feel younger and other times it snapped at him and whispered he was old.
“Hey!” a voice called out from out of nowhere. Henry jolted back in shock and almost pitched back onto the escalator, grabbing the rail at the last moment. If he had had the breath he would have screamed. He looked round and saw a girl staring at him; in her left hand was a pink rucksack, in her right a can of mace.

Cover: “La Quinta,” by Magda Audifred

Collages for Expecting a Star

Storylandia 5 now on sale

Issue 5

Storylandia, The Wapshott Journal of Fiction, is proud to present these stories in Issue 5, Winter 2012: “Negative Man” by Theresa Hinkle, “The Bubblehead Chronicles” by Kyle Hemmings, “See you There” by Paullette Gaudet, “Usher” by Jon-Micheal Emory, and “Snake Oil” by William Akin.
Cover by Carol Colin
Where to buy: 10% off with this code: HDCYF4CR at this online store; Amazon, eligible for free shipping; ISBN 978-0-9825813-6-0:… eventually; Kindle (exclusive until April 17, 2012).

Sample story:

Negative Man

Theresa Hinkle

Negative Man Audio as read by George Hutcheon.

Negative Man text (and photo credits)

Win a copy of Storylandia 4!

The authors of the first three emails with the most correct answers before Halloween will win a free copy of Storylandia 4 and whatever swag we have lying around Wapshott HQ the moment.

Good luck and please send your answers to Please number your answers, thanks. Sorry, I can only send to U.S. addresses.

And here we go!

1. What is the actual town that is fictionalized as Thalia in Larry McMurtry’s The Last Picture Show?

2. What is the name of Larry McMurtry’s bookstore in his hometown?

3. What is the oldest continuous jazz club in the United States?’

4. Who were the two artists to get creative control from Berry Gordy in Motown?

5. Where did Jane Austen die?

6. How many stars does the Statue of Freedom atop the U.S. Capitol building have on her head ?

7. What years did Booth Tarkington win the Pulitzer for The Magnificent Ambersons and Alice Adams?

8. In the film “Kind Hearts and Coronets,” how many times is Alec Guiness murdered?

9. What was Agatha Christie’s final novel by publication/release date?

10. In Peter S Beagle’s ‘The Last Unicorn’, what was the other ‘real’ magical creature in Mommy Fortuna’s carnival?

11. Who are Jerry Statler and Conrad Waldorf?

12. Which Surrealist painter developed the Paranoic-critical method of painting?

13. Which of Tartini’s compositions did he claim was inspired by a particularly vivid dream of the devil?

14. What was the biggest city in Europe in the 13th century?

15. Who discovered Cicero’s Letters to Atticus in 1345?

16. Which was the last Southern state to secede from the Union in the American Civil War?

17. What’s the first name of Mary Worth’s boyfriend?

18. What free webhost did Yahoo close in 2009?

19. What Puccini opera is set in Nagasaki?

20. Who is this actress?

21. What country has a western border on the Caspian Sea and an eastern border with China?

22. Who is the Godfather of Manga?

23. IKEA is actually an acronym, for what do the letters stand?

24. In what television show can you find Arnold the Pig?

25. Name three core members of “The Brat Pack.”

26. In the English dub of Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle which actor voiced Calcifer?

Good luck and please send your answers to Please number your answers, thanks.

Answers and which Storylandia 4 author or editor dreamed up which questions will be revealed when we have three winners. Contest ends at 11:59 PM on October 30, 2011. Winners and answers will be revealed shortly afterwards. Yay!

“Three Days Standard Bereavement” by Michelle Brooks, “Heorrot” by Kathryn L. Ramage, “Ashes” by Megan Feldman, “Of the Night” by Theresa Hinkle, “All the Lonely People” by Fred Skolnik
Where to buy: Online (10% discount with this code: FUXBWW3E); Amazon; Kindle; Nook; ePub; Other places.

Cover: “White Poppy Seeds” by Molly Kiely

Coming soon: Storylandia 4

Michelle Brooks
Kathryn L. Ramage
Megan Feldman
Theresa Hinkle
Fred Skolnik
Cover by Molly Kiely
A contest to win a free copy! Stay turned, fiction fans. We’ll get the contest rollin’ at 12 AM Pacific Time on September 26.

“Three Days Standard Bereavement” by Michelle Brooks, “Heorrot” by Kathryn L. Ramage, “Ashes” by Megan Feldman, “Of the Night” by Theresa Hinkle, “All the Lonely People” by Fred Skolnik
Where to buy: Online (10% discount with this code: FUXBWW3E); Amazon; Kindle; Nook; ePub; Other places.

Cover: “White Poppy Seeds” by Molly Kiely

Michelle Brooks reads in Denton

June 17, 2011, 7PM, J & J’s Pizza, Denton, Texas
Reading, Michelle’s Spell, July 8, 2011

Michelle Brooks interview at IndieSpotlight

Michelle Brooks interviewed at