Storylandia 3 is now on sale

Storylandia, Issue 3

Live Boy, Dead Girl
A Novella by Michelle Brooks

Where to buy: 10% off with this code: BZ4Y9RN2 at this online store; Amazon, Kindle, and more.

Storylandia 3, The Wapshott Journal of Fiction is pleased to present Dead Girl, Live Boy, a novella by Michelle Brooks. Dead Girl, Live Boy is an unflinching view of a haunted family landscape scattered with undetonated landmines that threaten the characters’ fragile existences. Set in a crumbling Detroit as the millennium approaches, Dead Girl, Live Boy calls to mind the works of Hubert Selby Jr. and an urban Tennessee Williams. Brooks creates a darkly comic and claustrophobic world that warrants attention. Both despairing and hopeful, her novella succeeds as both a survivor’s story and a cautionary tale.

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