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The Wapshott Journal of Fiction
Issue 7

Julie Travis
The Falling Man
How many souls are there in Heaven?
Perhaps it is not our place to know or even ask such a thing. But if we did, would the real question be how many truly deserve to be there? If anyone had asked Joseph Gray he would have laughed, a bitter and angry sound. He was the one person who could at least estimate how many souls had passed through Heaven’s gates and, more importantly, he knew for certain how many had done so on merit. The numbers, he’d smirk, don’t add up, do they?

Rohan Roberts
A New Awakening
Part 1: The Beginning
It took them a surprisingly long time to figure out that they were living in a universe that was just one bubble in a vast surging cosmic ocean filled with other bubble universes. But in a few hundred years after this discovery, it became common knowledge and found its way into the textbooks of their kindergarten students. Terms such as multiverse, metaverse, megaverse rapidly gained currency among the children of their species. Parallel dimensions, doppelganger particles, holographic realities, and hyperspace became an integral part of the primary school science curriculum in schools all over their home planet.

David Neilsen
My Partner
My favorite part is when I rip through their flesh.
I love the way the skin gives for just a millisecond, as if by bending inward it can somehow avoid the inevitable. Then, almost immediately, the battle is over, the flesh is torn open, and I pierce into a whole new world. It’s a world not of air, but of viscera. Not of sound and light, but of blood and bone.

Irene Turner
Dead Places
Memories are futile here. We erase the past because it works better that way. New settlers are full of Earth gossip and trip stories and don’t understand why we nod politely, but don’t listen. We came to Mars for space.

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