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Storylandia 10 is now on Sale! Death Among the Marshes, a murder mystery set in the Twenties, by Kathryn L. Ramage

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Storylandia 10 – Death Among The Marshes, by Kathyrn L. Ramage

Chapter 1 Sampler

Cover “Misty” by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Storylandia, The Wapshott Journal of Fiction, Issue 10. The novella “Death Among the Marshes,” a murder mystery set in the Twenties by Kathryn L. Ramage.


Death Among the Marshes
A Murder Mystery Set in the Twenties

The Great War had made many boys into old men, but in spite of all he’d suffered, Frederick Babington still looked surprisingly youthful for his 26 years. He was a pale, intense, and solemn young man—more pale, Billy thought, since he’d been wounded so terribly. At least he no longer limped and the burn scars on the small and ring fingers of his left hand were now only puckered reddish skin. His dark hair had been cropped short during his last stay in a private nursing home over the winter past, but it was growing out again and beginning to curl just as it used to.

Billy watched as one loose curl fell forward over Freddie’s brow as he returned his attention to the book he’d been reading before the interruption, a newly published mystery novel titled Whose Body? When Freddie lifted his eyes from the page a moment later, Billy pretended an interest in the book.

“What’s that one about?”
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