Storylandia 15 author Julie Travis interview

“PT: You’re a UK writer and much of your work seems very solidly grounded in the landscape here, and yet your first collection is appearing from a US publisher. Can you tell us a little as to how that came about? What has it been like working with Wapshott Press?

“JT: It came about by chance. I see my work as quite ‘British’ in terms of the folklore element as well as in the physical landscape. Some years back I trawled the Internet looking for possible publishers and came across Wapshott Press amongst others (I’ve had several stories published by North American magazines and webzines). I sent them a story because I thought the covers of their anthologies were gorgeous and my instinct said it was the right thing to do – even though horror/dark fantasy was not mentioned at all in what they publish. Storylandia’s editor, Ginger Mayerson, just understands what I’m doing. Two stories (‘The Falling Man and ‘The Ferocious Night’) appeared in two of their anthologies and when they moved to single author collections I was asked to do one. And they’re lovely to work with; friendly and professional. I feel blessed to have crossed Ginger’s path.”
Julie Travis Interviewed, by Peter Tennant, Black Static, July 19, 2016

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