Storylandia 36 now on sale

Where to buy: Amazon; Kindle; ePub available upon request.

Where to buy: Amazon; Kindle; ePub available upon request.

“The Ear is the way to the Soul,” by Bob Ritchie. A challenge, being a teen. Just when you think you have a handle on life, you discover this awful (for a teen boy) thing called “virginity.”

“The School’s on Fire!” by Gordon J. Stirling. A boy makes a mistake and runs away when he learns something about himself his folks never told him.

“Alchemy,” by John O’Kane. Fleeting relationships in a beach community where everyday situations can lead to euphoric experiences.

“Red Wings,” by Evan Howell. At school Lionel is getting bullied and at home he can barely tolerate Randy, his mother’s annoying boyfriend.

“The DiDramifi,” by Jhon Sánchez. In this USA, everyone owns the DeDramafi, which is a device that might seem harmless, perhaps even beneficial, but fosters its own type of tyranny.

ISBN: 978-1-942007-35-7
Evan Howell
John O’Kane
Bob Ritchie
Jhon Sánchez
Gordon J. Stirling
Storylandia 36

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