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Storylandia 14 review on Amazon

“A well-written, scathing examination of 21st-century culture and journalism, done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Mr. Denton is at his best creating characters with an economy most cultural commentators sorely lack. He manages to evoke deep characters with a minimum of fuss or actual details, leaving just enough to the reader’s imagination. A short, fun read that is definitely recommended.”
Amazon review by Charlie Cottrell, Storylandia 14 this review is on the Kindle edition, but there’s also a paperback version

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Storylandia 14: Dead End

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Dead End
by Chad Denton

“Joy Chevern and Rodney Bauman. Their names have been and still are a staple of TV news, talk shows, blogs, and the information networks of both the left and right wings. Writers of made-for-TV movies and PhD theses have all tried to lock down their motives. The only conclusion would-be scholars and Hollywood’s dregs can agree on is that Rodney and Joy have managed to force the entire world to redefine crime and culture.

“This is a risky statement to make at the start of such a book, but I honestly do not know if I have anything new to offer the nation’s conversations on who these people were and what their crimes mean for the future. Instead my only goal is to attempt to pierce the mind of Rodney Bauman, using everything I could piece together from records, interviews, and other sources. With Dead End, I am not trying to make yet another entertainment commodity out of their notoriety, but rather, in spite of my lack of a graduate degree, to make an academic effort to simply understand why. This may seem like a thankless and perhaps even pointless quest, but I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the full cooperation of Bauman himself and the people who know him.”
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Where to buy: 10% discount code: HDCYF4CR at this online store; eligible for Free Shipping at Amazon; and Kindle.